Mighty Ai Brand & Design Language


In January of 2017 Mighty Ai was rebranding from Spare5 and needed a new visual identity to go with the name. I worked closely with my Matt Shobe, Matt Bencke, and the fine folks at Focus Labs to provide art direction and create a brand that embodied the human and computer aspects of our company. The public announcement of the new brand would coincide with a Series A-1 funding round from prior investors Madrona, NEA, and Foundry, and new investors Intel, Accenture, and GV (Google Ventures).



The roll-out included a stack of swag we wanted to give to employees on the day of the relaunch, and I designed things like stickers and business cards.


Design language

To build on the visual identity we had created and spread the new brand across products we needed a design language. I developed Swell to go along with our new brand and to provide our developers reusable elements that would enable us to unify the experience for our users.



Along with the buttons, checkboxes, and sliders I also created a custom suite of icons for use in our apps.


Content styleguide

To help unify the UI writing and content that goes out with the tasks I crafted a content styleguide to define the tone, terms, and style we would use in our writing.