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Heidelfest Branding

Heidelfest is a fall festival with beer, food, field games, crafts and robust family fun. The name takes reference from Heidelberg, Germany where Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg cathedral to spark the Protestant Reformation.

My goal was to formulate a mark reminiscent of a beer label that would embody the playfulness, optimism, and historicity present at the festival itself.

To create the mark I spent several weeks learning the basics of calligraphy. This gave me a very general sense of how much I don't know about typography. Nevertheless I forged on to create numerous iterations on the word "Heidelfest" and its component letters, crafting them into a wordmark that would embody the brand's intended connotations.

Brand strategy, Custom typography, Hand lettering, Visual design, Calligraphy, Web Design, Print